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February 04 2018

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Lamb bum [0:06]

kept you waiting, huh?

Decided I’d go through and pick up a few loose things in my SFM session files and get this simple one done for this dude’s birthday because I feel bad for teasing them with models often -> http://twitchyanimation.tumblr.com/

(safe.moe isn’t loading properly on my end so I can’t supply a mirror link)

Blue light:

Mixtape [audio]

Gfycat [no audio]

No light:

Mixtape [audio]

Gfycat [no audio]

Download (.mp4):

MEGA   Dropbox

Been in a little slag with motivation so things have been pretty slow lately as far as progress on anything goes - slowly but surely I’ll get through the 2017 stuff. It may not look like much yet but I’ve got a lot of stuff running in the background. Also probably might answer a few anon asks too when more jump in.

Another quick reblog ‘cause people seem to really like the kindred stuff.

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Twin mice. Multimouse imagery


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#freshly peeled sheeps

reblogging solely for that deeply unnerving caption



Fuck this. Does everyone just not see the blood scrapes on some of their backs and faces???!!! Anyone, seriously, correct me if I’m wrong because this is making me upset af

Domesticated sheep need to be sheared because they don’t shed their coats on their own and it can be bad for their health if it gets too big.

Also, it looks considering how close they cut that it went fairly well. I see like 2 nicks maybe, but with the photo it’s hard to tell. I mean, unfortunately, you’re going to nick a few animals because they don’t understand the order of “stand still” very well. 

Sheep can die from heat exhaustion if they aren’t sheared. 

Also, their skin secretes lanolin, which quickly soothes and heals any nicks they get during shearing. 

in conclusion, it is good to peel the sheeps

Please peel your sheeps

February 02 2018

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This meme, but with Android 18 and the guy calls 21.



you wouldn’t download a windows update



some guy: uhhh there’s a leaf in your water

person who’s about to invent tea: oh haven’t you heard?


February 01 2018

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Amazing how the rules change when you go after one of the favored of the Democratic Party.

Ugh. Democrat logic has got to be the worst…

The worst.



manic pixie girl? no I am sensible goblin man

This image came to mind even tho it’s more of an orc







its kind of disappointing how everyone turns rey into some soft, clean aesthetic queen with glitter and pale pink fabrics when in canon rey is a greasy girl icon 

fanon rey: soft, smells like roses, always wearing glitter, no bad angles, pale smooth fabric queen
canon rey: doesnt know what a hairbrush or makeup is, steals fries off your plate, will fight you in a parking lot  

If I hung out with Rey we would have fart contests

that is the best addition to any post, sw-related or not

please consider that poe thinks hygiene is wiping down with the least greasy rag and rey just kind of scrubs off with some sand when she gets too crusty and finn is used to an absolutely scrupulous twice-daily hygiene regimen with water and sonic and specially formulated deodorants because you don’t want Army Stonk building up in a spaceship, or, god forbid, your armor. so he like, he loves poe and rey to death. he loves them. but he just watched poe try to explain the Sniff Test to rey, unsuccessfully, and he is kind of screaming internally now.

both rey and poe are in awe of how soft and sweet-smelling finn is and he’s like “listen it’s an ancient stormtrooper secret called WASH YOUR SOCKS WITH SOAP.”




Binary and non-binary are both half-assed, I don’t even know why I waste my time doing that shit

people struggle with it so it’s not “half-assed” as your transphobic post is trying to imply

this post was about programming

Trans tumblr is the new vegans.




its been a year since that tracer gay comic but i still remember that guy on the blizzard forums that threw a tray of chicken nuggets at his mom out of grief for tracer being taken by the gays



It’s like the male equivalent of lesbians on Twitter being upset that straight girls exist.




- blonde hair and blue eyes

- central/western European name and ancestry

- black clothes with white armour and gold accents

- healing/restoration powers

 - not really suited for active combat

am i talking about jaune arc or mercy

The difference is Jaune didn’t get nerfed.

Jaune can still fucking heal people half decently

He doesn’t even heal, he’s just an aura battery. And he’s still a better healer than Mercy.

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I didn’t even let him speak before I shot that fatbot at his head, it was on sight

I tried talking to him five times, lost the fight every time, decided to just open the door and put a few .308s through his head. Much easier.

January 30 2018

There’s one thing ALL transgender people have in common...


Gender Dysphoria

settle this for me once and for all
















is “chai” a TYPE of tea??! bc in Hindi/Urdu, the word chai just means tea

its like spicy cinnamon tea instead of bland gross black tea

I think the chai that me and all other Muslims that I know drink is just black tea

i mean i always thought chai was just another word for tea?? in russian chai is tea

why don’t white people just say tea

do they mean it’s that spicy cinnamon tea

why don’t they just call it “spicy cinnamon tea”

the spicy cinnamon one is actually masala chai specifically so like

there’s literally no reason to just say chai or chai 

They don’t know better. To them “chai tea” IS that specific kind of like, creamy cinnamony tea. They think “chai” is an adjective describing “tea”.

What English sometimes does when it encounters words in other languages that it already has a word for is to use that word to refer to a specific type of that thing. It’s like distinguishing between what English speakers consider the prototype of the word in English from what we consider non-prototypical.

(Sidenote: prototype theory means that people think of the most prototypical instances of a thing before they think of weirder types. For example: list four kinds of birds to yourself right now. You probably started with local songbirds, which for me is robins, blue birds, cardinals, starlings. If I had you list three more, you might say pigeons or eagles or falcons. It would probably take you a while to get to penguins and emus and ducks, even though those are all birds too. A duck or a penguin, however, is not a prototypical bird.)

“Chai” means tea in Hindi-Urdu, but “chai tea” in English means “tea prepared like masala chai” because it’s useful to have a word to distinguish “the kind of tea we make here” from “the kind of tea they make somewhere else”.

“Naan” may mean bread, but “naan bread” means specifically “bread prepared like this” because it’s useful to have a word to distinguish between “bread made how we make it” and “bread how other people make it”.

We also sometimes say “liege lord” when talking about feudal homage, even though “liege” is just “lord” in French, or “flower blossom” to describe the part of the flower that opens, even though when “flower” was borrowed from French it meant the same thing as blossom. 

We also do this with place names: “brea” means tar in Spanish, but when we came across a place where Spanish-speakers were like “there’s tar here”, we took that and said “Okay, here’s the La Brea tar pits”.

 Or “Sahara”. Sahara already meant “giant desert,” but we call it the Sahara desert to distinguish it from other giant deserts, like the Gobi desert (Gobi also means desert btw).

English doesn’t seem to be the only language that does this for places: this page has Spanish, Icelandic, Indonesian, and other languages doing it too.

Languages tend to use a lot of repetition to make sure that things are clear. English says “John walks”, and the -s on walks means “one person is doing this” even though we know “John” is one person. Spanish puts tense markers on every instance of a verb in a sentence, even when it’s abundantly clear that they all have the same tense (”ayer [yo] caminé por el parque y jugué tenis” even though “ayer” means yesterday and “yo” means I and the -é means “I in the past”). English apparently also likes to use semantic repetition, so that people know that “chai” is a type of tea and “naan” is a type of bread and “Sahara” is a desert. (I could also totally see someone labeling something, for instance, pan dulce sweetbread, even though “pan dulce” means “sweet bread”.)

Also, specifically with the chai/tea thing, many languages either use the Malay root and end up with a word that sounds like “tea” (like té in Spanish), or they use the Mandarin root and end up with a word that sounds like “chai” (like cha in Portuguese).

So, can we all stop making fun of this now?

Okay and I’m totally going to jump in here about tea because it’s cool. Ever wonder why some languages call tea “chai” or “cha” and others call it “tea” or “the”? 

It literally all depends on which parts of China (or, more specifically, what Chinese) those cultures got their tea from, and who in turn they sold their tea to. 

The Portuguese imported tea from the Southern provinces through Macau, so they called tea “cha” because in Cantonese it’s “cha”. The Dutch got tea from Fujian, where Min Chinese was more heavily spoken so it’s “thee” coming from “te”. And because the Dutch sold tea to so much of Europe, that proliferated the “te” pronunciation to France (”the”), English (”tea”) etc, even though the vast majority of Chinese people speak dialects that pronounce it “cha” (by which I mean Mandarin and Cantonese which accounts for a lot of the people who speak Chinese even though they aren’t the only dialects).

And “chai”/”chay” comes from the Persian pronunciation who got it from the Northern Chinese who then brought it all over Central Asia and became chai.


This is the post that would make Uncle Iroh join tumblr

Tea and linguistics. My two faves.

Okay, this is all kinds of fascinating!

Quality linguistic research

The other end of this is reduplication, in English it can be  “contrastive focus reduplication”, usually with the first word stressed. 

Rather than soy milk we may want milk-milk.

Rather than cheese cake we’d have cake-cake.

Rather than chai-tea we’d have tea-tea.

I really appreciate how this went from shitting on white people to common sense discussion of language growth.

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stop abuse on boys / men

Theory: Nobody who writes a physics textbook gives any fucks




















Update: Legolas’ pupils are about 3.5 cm wide each. Now drawing kawaii Legolas on physics assignment.

And they told you science was no fun.



I’m going to do it. I’m going to hand it in.

Legolas’s pupil size isn’t the problem here, though. 5 leagues is 17.262 miles. The curvature of the Earth means that for a person of average height, the visual horizon is less than three miles away. Even if your vision is telescopic and the atmosphere is perfectly clear, you can’t see around the planet. If they were standing on a hill, it would have to be at LEAST 198 feet above sea level in order to see the horizon at 17.2 miles away, with nothing tall in between. Which, knowing Rohan, isn’t impossible.

But consider: Elven satellite eyeballs.

you mean like

@sidereanuncia it’s back, the post that I can only imagine haunts your nightmares 

I shall never find peace.

Also, for what it’s worth, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that the curvature of Middle Earth is the same as that of Earth.

There’s no evidence that Middle Earth curves.

Yeah there is.  The Silmarillion states that the world was curved after the fall of Numenor (I believe), preventing access to Valinor.  But Elves (among others) can travel the straight path across it.

So middle earth is round, but not for Elves because magic.

So wait, the reason he can see that far is because Elves just have the ability to ignore the curve of the earth? That’s awesome. It also means that no matter how good your optics got, you would always want elf eyes manning the spyglass because they can see arbitrarily far while everybody else is limited by this ‘horizon’ bullshit.

Oh thank God, my poor elf prince has seen too much in this post

Elves are flat-earthers

This post went from amusing to horrifying, to be brought back down to amusing, sprinkled in with some cannon explanation, and then you leave me here in fucking outrage

This post really was a rollercoaster.

for elves it was a straight line

well met, this post

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When your eyes move, your eardrums do, too. Nobody knows exactly why, but it does indicate that the information we take in through sight and sound has a much closer relationship than previously thought. Source Source 2

That’s why you can hear it when you look at your fingers tapping together.

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