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Why SJWs hate Japan






Imagine you’re an ideologue. Imagine you’ve made it your life’s goal to co-opt and infect as much creative content as possible with your ideology, either through getting into a creative team or managerial team and affecting it directly or crying and bullying them via social media into complying (or just destroying their lives and blacklisting them.) Things are going great. Mass Effect Andromeda has like maybe ONE white preset in the character creation and softcore gay sex is getting touted as a selling point by one of he creators and there’s a character who’s chomping at the bit to tell you how trans they are. Who cares if the actual game is a smouldering dumpster fire that’ll eventually EA the company, you’ve accomplished your mission.

But then there’s this pesky island across the Pacific that keeps turning out alternative content. There’s all these anime and games with jiggly boobs. They made a couple games with a sexualized female protagonist and when you went to bitch at the creator on Twitter he blocked you, and then when you cried about how misogynistic it is you were informed that the character was designed by a WOMAN of all people! Some fucking weirdo with a creepy moon head put out Female Robot Ass Simulator and while you were virtue signaling about how sexist it is it suddenly became a tremendous best seller in the West. One of the most popular anime of the year features a girl with gigantic tits being vaguely inappropriate with a grade school boy and the creator apparently used to draw lolicon and no matter how hard you try to destroy their career over it nobody seems to care. Even when you finally manage to intimidate a developer into not releasing a volleyball game with jiggly girls in skimpy swimsuits overseas, an import website capitalizes on this and goes “Hey the game’s pretty much in English already you can just buy it from us!” and now all you can do is cry impotently about how you’ll never buy anything from them ever again even though you never actually did in the past.

All these fucking assholes in Japan keep staying just out of reach of your ideology and producing all kinds of easily-accessed alternative content with all the things you hate, and even if you managed to get them scrubbed clean via localization you can never erase the original and people will always be able to get their hands on it. Meanwhile things like western gaming market and the western comic market are getting derided as creatively bankrupt ideological cesspools and all you can do is fall back on your default plan of blaming white men for everything and trying to shame them into not buying things you don’t like (which obviously isn’t working.)

Outside of media production, Japan pretty much crushes all the primary SJW beliefs just by being there. Every time you cry about cultural appropriation, the Japanese people are there encouraging white people to wear Kimonos. Every time you demand diversity because everything is full of white people all the time, some asshole points out that Japan is like 99% ethnically homogenous and actually pretty xenophobic. Every time you talk about how inherently evil white people are and how without those nasty europeans everybody would live in peace and prosperity, some pesky historian comes along with a (long) list of the war crimes and human rights violations of the Japanese Empire. Japan is a prominent and easily accessible example of a place that is absolutely not america (or even western Europe) and yet still somehow displays all those things that SJWs tell you are your fault.

congratulations, you’ve taken the media that is MOST HATED by any mainstream culture in japan, stated “this is what japan is”, and called that an argument. you wanna talk about “creative bankruptcy”, let’s talk about how many animes that are just moe tiddies are getting published in-between any with an actual story.


(the full speech, for even more context and the tears of 2d fetishists)

meanwhile our second contestant manages to have the same grasp of cultural appropriation as any 12-year-old too new to this site to understand nuance or the fact that the opinions of the people in the culture in question is VITAL to determining whether or not something is even appropriation in the first place!

is this really what the bigot brigade has lowered itself to? y’all used to be able to put up a front of smokescreen to make it actually hard to refute your bullshit. this is just amateur hour.

Latest Tokyo Governor wants to convert Tokyo into Anime Land

Tokyo Governor Cosplayed as Sally the Witch

Also, Miyazaki was criticising the otaku culture and how people who make anime/manga are not in touch with reality. He did not say anime was a mistake, he said anime OTAKU were a mistake.

Besides, if people really hated anime and all its derivatives, wouldn’t it die out right about now? I mean, Astro Boy came out in 1952. That’s 65 years ago.


and speaking of asking the opinions of people OF the culture

Yuta asking Japanese people on the street about wearing Kimono  

A personal opinion but nonetheless you were talking about people of the culture true?

Still not enough, here’s a traditional artist who dyes formal kimono and his opinion about foreigners wearing kimono. Skip to 8:45 for the exact opinion. Otherwise, enjoy his dyeing process.

The opinions are the same. Wear the kimono, it’s okay.

Hell Miyazaki’s statement is more about “inmates running the asylum” who he feels do poor work because they don’t people watch.

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