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July 09 2017

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>several dog food companies
Oh no, they’re testing dog food on dogs!

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#and I just don’t feel entitled to someone else’s life’s work.

That comment exactly!! It’s not mine and I can survive without it, so I will.

This is why honey is not vegan.

The problem here is that honey, especially if you buy it ethically from an apiarist, isn’t actually detrimental to the well-being of the bee or the hive. In the wild, honey is used as a food stock, but in a domesticated honeybee colony, the bees are fed quite well, and so the honey is a surplus.

The alternatives, like sugar, relies on monocrops in third world countries, with transient labour. Growing up, there was a sugarcane field by my house, and I’m sure the Haitian men who worked backbreaking hours hacking a machete through knife-bladed leaves in 40 degree heat for a couple dollars a day would have traded a testicle to be a Canadian honeybee. Stevia’s going the same way, iirc.

Additionally, apiarists are actually huge proponents and activists for sustainable bee-keeping, and it’s estimated that the domesticated hive may be the last great hope for declining populations, because we can optimize their chances for survival.

It’s their life’s work, sure, but it’s not the death of them to use it responsibly.

literally read anything about the history of sugarcane and the cuban sugar industry if you think sugar is or ever has been more ethical than honey


  • Provide a home for the bees
  • Keep that home warm in the winter
  • Keep the bees well fed, negating the need for honey, which the bees would make anyways
  • Still do not take all the honey, just in case
  • Protect the bees from predators
  • Monitor the hives for any signs of the parasites, diseases, etc. that cause colony collapse disorder

Their bees-

  • Provide a valuable and reliable source of pollination for plants in the area, both wild and crops
  • Help keep the local ecosystem healthy


  • Is one of the healthiest things you can eat
  • Is able to keep for a EXTREMELY long time (Millennia even), making it more valuable than many perishable foods without being full of preservatives
  • Can be used to soothe sore throats, nauseau, etc.
  • Has been eaten by humans since at least Ancient Egypt (We’ve found STILL EDIBLE honey in tombs)
  • Is a great tool in cooking, adding sweetness without raising the sugar content much
  • Is a staple food in many people’s diets

Honey is amazing you can put it on or in pretty much everything I goddamn love it and you should too.

Honey is also a natural antimicrobial that has been used medicinally since time out of mind on external wounds like edible neosporin.

Particularly useful in the treatment of dermal abcesses.

“oh no we steal it from the bees!”

*has no problem benefiting from exploited migrant farm workers*






im a bad person who thinks bad thoughts like ‘ew what is that girl wearing’ and then remember that im supposed to be positive about all things and then think ‘no she can wear what she wants, fuck what other people say damn girl u look fabulous’ and im just a teeny bit hypocritical tbh

I was always taught by my mother, That the first thought that goes through your mind is what you have been conditioned to think. What you think next defines who you are.


I don’t normally reblog posts with over 100k notes, let alone 1.5 million, but gat damn girl that is some fucking solid philosophy, lemmie hear it one more time!

But the post itself says ‘and then I remember I’m supposed to…’

This person has been trained to think that way. As mean as your first thoughts are, they’re candid and honest. If your brain is being a bitch, it’s better to be honest and think harder on why than it is to dumpster the thought and never consider it again.











every time I see more of the ‘ao3 is evil’ crap circulating I think, ‘well, tumblr is evil too and I don’t see you stop using it’

You know, the more I think about this, the more I think the real complaint isn’t that AO3 hosts “evil” content, it’s that it doesn’t allow harassment/dogpiling of “evil” creators as easily as Tumblr. Abuse won’t remove or even re-tag a work except in a handful of very specific cases, but they will suspend or ban users for harassment, including filing repeated unfounded Abuse reports. Authors also have at least some ability to screen/block comments on works, and there’s no direct messaging system outside of commenting on works through which to pursue harassment. You can follow a creator but you can’t block them (much less encourage others to do the same).

Tumblr, by contrast, generally ignores any abuse report that doesn’t involve the DMCA, and aggressive anons can and have driven bloggers off the site entirely. The fact that the same tactics are used by social justice bloggers and neo-Nazis (for instance) doesn’t matter – they’re the affordances of the site, by accident or design, and an entire fannish generation have gotten very used to performing their fannish (and moral) identity in this fashion.

(I thinks it’s relevant that AO3 was designed by fandom’s LJ generation and in some respect mirrors the affordances of LJ circa 2010. Tumblr is a very different site and that, moreso than age differences, seems to be at the root of this – though of course age intersect with site experience in a non-trivial way.)

ding ding ding ding.

Ao3 requires you to police your own consumption of content.  Ao3 won’t let you destroy someone’s online presence simply because you don’t like it.   Ao3 won’t let you impose your own morality on other without cause.

If you have issues with this, and the fact that Ao3 requires you to have responsibility and agency,  then you seriously need to sit down and have a damned good long hard look at yourself.

The question I usually fail to see being answered when people bitch about the content on AO3 is - so who gets to decide?

You? Me? A committee of my friends? Of yours? Of those who have the most kudos? Of those who have no interest in fandom, but want to protect other people from dangerous content, whatever it may be? Who gets that power, and how long will they have it?

Who are you comfortable with giving the power of regulating all the content? What happens in grey areas? What happens when something you like isn’t liked by the Decider? Is there an appeal? Who gets to make the arguments for and against something?

The world is complex and there are no easy answers.

The impossibility of creating a censorship board that curates based on content is a great reason why those things don’t exist, and shouldn’t.

Certain people are screaming that AO3 is bad because it’s not a “safe space.” The real problem they have, though, is that AO3 was created to be a safe space - for writers. And it does a pretty good job of that. It was designed to be a place where writers are safe from arbitrary content rule changes, random and unwarned deletions, and abuse-report abuse (which is common on ff.net). The Four Big Warnings + CNTW system is beautiful in its fairness and simplicity.

Antis can’t take control of it. And because control-freakdom is at the heart of their “movement,” this drives them into frenzies. Good. It motivated me to dig a little deeper into my pocket to donate on the last drive. For all the pleasure AO3 has given me over the years, that’s money well spent.

The real problem they have, though, is that AO3 was created to be a safe space - for writers. 

Preach it loud and hard!

I’m a member of the LJ generation, and when I first came to Tumblr (grudgingly and out of desperation, I might add, since it tragically seems to be the only place to really connect with other fandom peeps) I was horrified at how people here had established this sort of fucked up bully culture, where nobody is responsible for monitoring their own consumption, and rather they expect everyone else to custom tailor content to the whims and desires of the Shrieking Banshee Masses. And woe be to the person who doesn’t bend and break! “I’m going to bully you while accusing you and your Big Mean Poopie Content of being the actual bully, so I can hopefully distract you and others from realizing I’m being a royal intrusive asshat who failed Astronomy 101 b/c I clearly believe the world revolves around me.”

The irony here is that this in itself is an abuse tactic - victim blaming with a side of gaslighting. Pot, meet kettle.

And it’s the exact same mentality that drives right-wing lunatics to kick up a fuss about the existence of icky cootie gay people in media because we need to “protect family values”, or who take to screeching at Starbucks because their particular religious symbolism isn’t portrayed on the winter holiday cups and OMG WAR ON CHRISTMAS, STARBUCKS STOP OPPRESSING ME BY NOT CATERING TO MY PERSONAL TASTE.

The mentality is one and the same - “Cater to ME ME ME or FACE MY DIVINE WRATH even if it means taking away other people’s freedom!” while hiding behind a flimsy-ass shield of faux righteous anger.  

And when these bozos find an environment or situation where they’re unable or not allowed to bully people into silence and submission, they stomp their feet and pitch a tantrum and claim that they’re the ones being oppressed. Identical shit, different pile, and it’s the exact same infantile, schoolyard rubbish no matter which side it’s coming from.

This was a really interesting read. The last poster in particular but all of it.

Okay, so I find the history behind this discussion really interesting, because there are two things that stand out to me. One is the thought AO3′s culture is equivalent to LJ circa 2010. This is almost true, except you actually have to go back further. Ao3 and Dreamwidth are both specifically trying to recreate the fan culture of Livejournal from 1999-2007, and I can say that with some authority because A) I was there (olllld) and B) both were founded in 2008/09 as a direct response to the shit happening on LiveJournal and Fanlib. 

The other thing is the idea that anon-harassment culture started with Tumblr. Because, kiddos, did it ever not. Tumblr is very much Fanfiction.net circa 1998-forward. (That’s right, FF.N was basically always awful.) But how we got from there to here is actually really interesting And tangly. And long.

Up to the late 1990s, fan communities were often small and decentralized because there was a huge fear that fans would be targeted by content creators if they drew too much attention. Since several authors (Anne Rice, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffery) actually DID issue cease&desists to fan creators, it’s kind of understandable where the fear came from. It’s also why you still see fanfic floating around with disclaimers, something young!tumblr loves to mock.

Harry Potter changed *everything*. Like, I really can’t emphasize how much. Fanfiction was always there, being shared on email lists or privately hosted or literally mailed cross country. But Harry Potter hit BIG in 1997. It had a massive crossover appeal that hadn’t been seen since probably the original Star Trek, and the baby Internet was all. over. it. If you weren’t there, imagine Twilight. But bigger. And J.K. Rowling stood out from other creators by condoning fanfiction in her very early interviews. Not to mention there was a lot of down time between books and, as you might know, the fans do not do well unpoliced. 

This led to, I’m not kidding, an explosion of sites like FF.N. I don’t think a lot of younger users get how revolutionary AO3 is: not just because it created a safe space, but because of how much it’s done to centralize fanfiction on the internet. We used to get our fix through webrings and e-serves, so in the late 90s/early 00s we thought nothing of having dozens of scattered fanfic sites.

At the same time, the Digital Millennium Copywrite Act was coming down. The legality of fanworks was getting more and more complex. And no one knew how to handle these questions, because they had literally never come up before. When it was just authors going after individual fans, things usually went quick and brutal. Fans had neither the money nor the legal teams to stand up to creators, even if (as we were slowly beginning to realize) we had a strong case to create and share fanworks. So, if you got hit with a takedown notice, you took your fic down and laid low, hoping to avoid any further interest. 

But now the legal burden was shifting from individuals to well-funded corporations. Fanfic.net and LJ didn’t want to shut down their fan-contributors, who were creating a huge stream of free content and bringing in advertising revenue. At the same time, they didn’t want to get shut down by a lawsuit if Lucasfilm found Han/Chewie smut and decided to go after the real money. The next 10 years were basically all of us – authors, fan creators, website executives – stumbling through brand new legal territory and figuring it out by trial and error. FF.N erred on the side of caution by becoming more and more restrictive. They shut down the entire Anne McCaffrey and Anne Rice sections, and eventually banned “pornographic” fanfiction from the site in an attempt to cover their legal rears. (It backfired, unsurprisingly, because say what you will about fandom: we like our smut. Also, FF.N had other issues that we won’t get into here will discuss shortly.) A bunch of other sites folded or waned in popularity as fandom wars divided the fan population. Authors scattered to the winds, and a lot of them ended up on LJ. 

LJ started out very user friendly. We’re talking an open source code, an almost entirely volunteer staff. Even after it was sold to 6Apart in 2005, LJ was pretty permissive. A lot of that had to do with the aforementioned DMCA, which protected ISPs and hosting corporations. Like I mentioned above, a lot of the migration from FF.N to LJ (as a place for fanfiction SPECIFICALLY) came when FF.N started banning explicit fanworks. Why? Because FF.N targeted these fanworks based entirely on user reports. “Tell us if you find porn,” FF.N said, “And we’ll take care of it.”

Backup real quick. LJ, in many ways, set the standard for online privacy in a way that was far ahead of its time. Friendslocked journals were the norm rather than the exception and many, many communities disallowed anonymous commenting. (I’m not saying LJ wasn’t toxic as fuck, by the way. It is 2017 and let’s all have a moment of acknowledgement for how terrible LJ culture actually could be.) But LJ, on the whole, was much, much better at self-policing than FF.N. On FF.N, all of your stuff was out in the open. It was just there. Anyone could read it, anyone could report it.

And these two sites coexisted. All BNFs had a private journal and a public FF.N page. So if I hated someone and I wanted to harass them off the internet, on LJ, I’d have to make multiple sock puppets and concoct elaborate multi-journal ruses to do it on LJ (haha, who would do THAT?). What am I to do? Simple: Head off to FF.N and anonymously flame them there!

FF.N became synonymous with anonymous hate long before the anti-smut censorship came down. But once those rules were in place, the system was rife for abuse by the Purity Police or grudgewankers. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before it was cool to dm “kill urself” to someone on tumblr, it was happening on FF.N. All you, the early internet user, had to do was post a report link for your rival’s FF.N account on your LJ. Hate a pairing? A kink? Why not post a scathing rant, link included, to this captive audience of ALL YOUR FRIENDS.

Yeah, this system had no room for abuse.

So. FF.N opened the door and fandom came rushing through like the raging assholes we are. Certain Fandoms Alluded To Previously got so deeply divided that they split and formed their own fanfiction archives that occasionally rained hate on each other. Everyone else slowly withdrew to LJ, where locked communities offered some level of protection. Then, irony of ironies, fandom as a whole got targeted by the purity wankers. And of course, of course, it came back to Harry Potter. 

It’s 2007. Things have quieted down since 2001, when certain unnamed people’s fics were targeted for plagiarism and deleted from FF.N even though, just to be clear, they actually were plagiarized and, while there was an element of mob persecution, the actual fact remains that the work in question was legitimately in violation of FF.N’s TOS.

Ahem. It’s 2007. And everyone’s fairly chill. Creators are far more comfortable with fanfiction and fan creators are confident in posting their work so long as they aren’t profiting directly from it. Hosting sites, meanwhile, are profiting from fanworks, but they’ve got the legal shield of the DMCA to hide behind, so they’re feeling A-OKAY. And then Warriors for Innocence appears. WfI existed before strikethrough, and they existed after, but they made their mark on fandom when they reported upwards of 500 journals, most of them fan journals and communities, to LJ. The theory runs as follows: 6A, the company who’d bought LJ 2 years prior, realizes that the DMCA didn’t protect them if the fan works in question are “indecent”. Compounding this, 6A is already trying to clean up the famdomier aspects of LJ. Either they’re looking for a sale, or sites like ONTD are bringing in massive amounts of hits. WfI brings 6A a perfect hit list, and 6A goes to work.

So one morning we all wake up and find that hundreds of journals, including the pornish_pixies community and several BNF’s personal journals, have been deleted. Literally gone: a lot of the media stored on these communities has been purged forever. Hope you had backups. Also gone: large swaths of the Pretty Gothic Lolita community, Lolita book discussion groups, and rape survivor communities. 

In a quest to rid LJ of “pedophilia,” 6A wiped out a large swath of ethically questionable fanfic, and woke a beast. Again: We like our porn. 6A took a step back and restored some of the deleted journals, but the damage had been done. AO3 was already being discussed as a response to Fanlib, a hosting site that wanted to charge for access to fanfiction. (Yes, if you’ve been following along, that was a terrible idea. But that’s a post for another day.) But as AO3 began to change and grow, creators specifically wrote provisions into the TOS that guaranteed a strikethrough-esque event could never happen on the site. A specific kink or pairing would never be considered a violation of the TOS. The onus was on the reader, not the author, to protect themselves with the information given. Basically, AO3 took the early fandom nugget “Don’t like, don’t read” and made it policy. When peole say AO3 grew out of Livejournal, they’re specifically referencing this. One event that proved ALL OF OUR LONGSEATED FEARS WERE TRUUUUUUUUUE.

Rising from the ashes of LJ, you also had Dreamwidth. I’m actually kind of surprised DW wasn’t mentioned in the OP, since it grew out of the same ideology as AO3. Run by fans, for fans, because LJ (which at this point had been sold to SUP Media) had no idea what it was doing. Also like AO3, DW went to extreme lengths to make a safe fan culture inherent to the structure the site. Stay within the law, and DW and AO3 will back you up.

It’s worth noting that Tumblr actually predates Strikethrough. But Tumblr, unlike DW and AO3, wasn’t designed for fans. It didn’t carry the legacy of Strikethrough with it the way AO3 and DW did. So I guess– I have no evidence, but I’m surmising – that’s how it fell into the role of Natural Successor to Fanfic.net and Livejournal. It’s kind of inevitable, actually, that since neither LJ nor Tumblr was made for fans, they ended up falling into the same black hole of fandom collision. Kinkshaming people off the internet for literally as long as there’s been an internet. And then, on the other hand, you’ve got DW and AO3, who’ve watched fandom rip itself apart AT LEAST 3 times and are determined not to let it happen again. DW and AO3: We haven’t cared about the filthy shit you’re into since 2008.

That’s it, folks. Fandom mom wrote almost 2k words on early fandom and now she needs a nap.

Man I love it when people use act acronyms and assume everyone knows them!

‘We’re literally never going to learn from our mistakes.’


Science: Bras cause back pain over long term and society didn’t even consider breasts to be taboo until 18th century England decided that rich women’s boobs shouldn’t be viewed by poor people because they’re exclusive content

Society: It’s still illegal to be topless in public fuck you

Science: Standing for 8 hours causes horrible spine problems and almost every country in the world has acknowledged this

Society: We’re still not giving employees chairs fuck you

Science: Solar energy can actually power this entire planet if we just build a single solar farm in a desert in Germany and it would provide so much power that every person on the planet could have a PC running 24/7 for the rest of time

Society: We’re still gonna use fossil fuels fuck you

Science: Stem cells could probably cure every disease on the planet including cancer, the cold, maybe even Alzheimer’s

Society: Fuck you

That bit about the solar panels, I don’t buy. Last time I saw one of those posts about solar, they needed to blanket an African country in the things. The biggest criticism I’ve never seen addressed is that they’re downright cost inefficient compared to fossil fuels. I keep hoping for news about improvements, but it never comes.

And the thing about boobs, that’s going to take time to change, but breasts are an erogenous zone, so there’s at least some real-deal scientific/medical backing to treating them as taboo.

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An artist made a “third thumb” for your hand that makes everything easier

follow @the-future-now

so we’re just gonna play god now huh?

hell fucking yes we are


Hon we been doing that since we started walking upright.

thought 1: horror

thought 2: I CAN BE DINOBOT 

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I can’t even fucking begin to articulate my rage at the idea of creating an intelligent being for YOUR sexual pleasure - I can’t even look at this right now I’m very close to joining the robots how is this okay this isn’t a seasoned protocol droid who after years and years of sentience made a consenting choice knowing full well what sex is

If this was BIOengineered and a brain instead of a computer (same thing at the root of it) with not even half the same same amount of processing capability people would all be shitting their pants - the potential for sentient sex bots is not good and downright cruel

i agree. even barring all discussion of “this is why robots will rise up against us” its very telling of our culture that we’re even willing to entertain the idea of this.

this isn’t a terminator ahhh spooky situation this is an ethic situation you can’t just make sentient life and be like your purpose is enjoyment of others

not to mention what this says about how our society treats human women – if you set down a female-appearing AI in front of a man and you go, okay, this is a sentient object that exists solely for your pleasure, and he buys into that messages and uses the AI accordingly, how does that begin to affect his interactions with human women, who weren’t built and designed exclusively for his pleasure?

Preface:  Please note that the idea of a lifelike sexdoll partner doesn’t appeal to me personally–too much into the uncanny valley. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF UNDERSTANDING FOR THE OTHER SIDE.


‘Member when it was Christian conservatives trying to shame people for buying sex toys?

But real talk here, I see so many people who’re mocking men’s loneliness and needs. HAH! Right! “Loneliness”? “Needs”? Pfffft. Like MEN are human or something! Don’t make me laugh! (/s)

And even given this crap argument that sex dolls are only going to make men rapists, wouldn’t it be better for a crazy shitheel to buy a doll to let their crazy out on instead of a real human being and as a result someone gets hurt?

Why are ya’ll so concerned? “HOW WILL THIS THING DESIGNED TO MAKE MEN HAPPY AFFECT ME?” The sense of entitlement is astounding. Ya’ll are complaining about some men being inanimate objects while so many of you seem to see men as emotionless and humanless rape machines.

“Sex bots will make men rapists!”
Yeah, I seem to remember the same thing conservative Christians said about video games and violence.

Also, the hypocrisy around feminism and the whole saying that “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle”, which is an appealing quote. Nobody ‘needs’ each other. But for the love of god have some self awareness! Maybe this is some sort of push-back in the same vein of “Men need women like a fish needs a bicycle”

Hell i the same vein of this topic some are even complaining that not even the whole doll is on sale, but just a replica of a woman’s mouth. 

Bitch please.


I don’t doubt that those complaining about this have a plethora of dismembered penises they use for sexual pleasure in their panty drawers.

And honestly, if you feel so inadequate threatened by a lifeless sex doll that you have to rail on and shame those using them, then you’re probably too ugly on the inside to ever be a desirable partner.


Kill me.

So what happened when this AI thing goes berserk or gets hacked, and ends up killing someone?

This isn’t a Hollywood movie. This is real life. Let’s give you the argument that it even can be hacked. The worst thing that’ll happen is it’ll be shut off or stop working.

July 07 2017

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-big guy with robotic arm

-edgy looser who gets beaten up all the time

-femme fatale with stupid designed clothes

-weird hacker girl 

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this isn’t the right time Genji





genji cut a fucking car in half with his sword

i hate to be that guy but: Can We Talk About This For A Moment he cut a fucking car in half with his goddamn katana

wow i wonder if it’s because it’s capable of slicing both people and metal structures in fucking half like the shit’s fucking butter?

what the actual fuck, genji shimada

Real name: Hideo Kojima


>huge open world games that don’t let you fully customize your character.

Breath of the Wild.

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He just sits his ass down on all those buttons that could or could not be firing lasers into space

If we can’t invent a touchscreen that recognizes an ass-dial by the 24th century, we really have no business being in space at all.
















The attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were terror attacks and nothing less. The only reason they’re not considered that is because we’re told they’re not.

bad opinion

Ain’t an opinion lad

I feel like they were completely unnecessary attacks. Maybe one would have been enough to make a point, but at the expense of innocent lives?

we bombarded them with warning leaflets for weeks before the actual bombs were dropped

they knew it was coming and we did our best to make sure actual innocents could get out

not saying it was a fantastic thing, but its not like America was wringing its hands and cackling about it

First off, warning somebody that you are going to obliterate their home doesn’t make it OK to obliterate their home.

Second off, the army dropped its leaflets over Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and 33 other cities.

The leaflets read, in full

Read this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or friend. In the next few days, some or all of the cities named on the reverse side will be destroyed by American bombs. These cities contain military installations and workshops or factories which produce military goods. We are determined to destroy all of the tools of the military clique which they are using to prolong this useless war. But, unfortunately, bombs have no eyes. So, in accordance with America’s humanitarian policies, the American Air Force, which does not wish to injure innocent people, now gives you warning to evacuate the cities named and save your lives. America is not fighting the Japanese people but is fighting the military clique which has enslaved the Japanese people. The peace which America will bring will free the people from the oppression of the military clique and mean the emergence of a new and better Japan. You can restore peace by demanding new and good leaders who will end the war. We cannot promise that only these cities will be among those attacked but some or all of them will be, so heed this warning and evacuate these cities immediately.

The whole country was already subject to firebombing runs, and the leaflets named 35 possible cities. You expected the entire urban population of Japan to flee into the countryside for “the next few days”?

That is not a meaningful warning to civilians from a moral actor, that is a warning from The Riddler.


I don’t have a masterpost on me (though I have reblogged one on this topic in the past), but basically, the alternative was much, much worse.

I like how @anarchyinblack touches on the firebombing, but ignores the reality that the alternative to the atomic bombs was Operation Downfall. This involved hundreds of thousands more deaths, all because Japan would not back off. And let’s not pretend like Japan was innocent. They were the ones that started that fight. The US had to drop two bombs, because even after the devastation of the first, Japan still wanted to attack.

The US gave warning. They didn’t want to do it. Because the alternative was much more bloodshed for both sides.

And frankly, I’m glad that it was dropped. Having bigger bombs is nice. But having a bomb you only have to drop once to get the message across is even better. Unfortunately, Japan had way too much pride, and it required two.

Also, it was a war. Terrorist doesn’t apply. They were military targets. Plain and simple.

People forget that war is filled with atrocities, and it wasn’t just our (the west) side that committed them. Any number of PoWs can tell you how horrific the Japanese were. But that’s inconvenient to the “America is bad” narrative.

For more information, click here for a nice breakdown of what the alternative involved, and just how deluded you are to believe that the atomic bombs were a worse option.

Tell me honestly do you think you have provided or linked to even one scrap of information that the OP and I haven’t already heard before?

If I’m going so far as to cite the opinions of Curtis Lemay and Robert McNamara on the firebombings of Tokyo, do you think I haven’t heard of Operations Downfall and Ketsu-Go because I didn’t explicitly name them in my response?

So you want to ignore the reality that this was the alternative and that somehow the atomic bombs are worse than that? I know you’re not the brightest, but if you seriously believe that slaughtering hundreds of thousands more than the damage the a-bombs wrought, then you have hit a new level of retard.

But here’s a question for you: What SHOULD have been the alternative? 

You want to bitch and moan that America was monsters, yet the only option that they could have taken that you would have accepted is surrender against a nation that attacked first. One that was far less free that America. One which your ideals would be quelled very quickly under their system at the time.

So, if you want to just moan and groan over this go ahead. But unless you have some insight (which would likely be helped by that 20/20 hindsight) into an acceptable alternative, I don’t know what point you are trying to make. Because no, it wasn’t a terror attack. It was a military strike during war. 

I don’t need to propose an alternative, it was mass murder. That is all I need to prove, and it cannot be denied.

That being said, my view is that we should have invaded instead. The US Army is not universally composed of savages. Sending soldiers to shoot other soldiers is better than disintegrating hospitals, even if more soldiers die.

Or we could have maintained the blockade, knowing that the USSR would have made that slog on their own, and it would have been yet another stain on Stalin’s record instead of ours. Any standard that allows us to nuke civilians because Japanese Total Warfare State Deserves It allows us to look away while the nation falls to communism.

> I don’t need to propose an alternative

Because you just want to complain. All you have it your “America is bad” narrative.

> That being said, my view is that we should have invaded instead…….  Sending soldiers to shoot other soldiers is better than disintegrating hospitals, even if more soldiers die.

You literally just bitched about mass murder, yet are completely okay with more people dying. It’s almost like you’re trying to push an agenda here and this isn’t at all some moral deal. What a surprise! /s

But I find it interesting that an anarchist is pro-expansionist government. How can you justify such an authoritarian stance?

> Or we could have maintained the blockade, knowing that the USSR would have made that slog on their own, and it would have been yet another stain on Stalin’s record instead of ours.

No different to pulling the trigger yourself. You’re just playing a PR game at that point. Which again, shows that you have absolutely zero care about the lives. All you’re interested in is an “America is bad” agenda.

> Any standard that allows us to nuke civilians because Japanese Total Warfare State Deserves It allows us to look away while the nation falls to communism.

And yet the alternatives that you proposed would all have lead to an authoritarian state, which tends to more often than not lead to communism in some form.

Yeah, you’re a real beacon here buddy. Oh wait, sorry, I mean you’re delusional. My mistake.

Killing soldiers isn’t murder.

Destroying the Japanese government through invasion is no more expansionist than forcing its unconditional surrender and turning it into a protectorate state.

If Stalin does something while the US does nothing, it is not the US’s fault for not doing the same thing first. Of course it’s a PR game, I’m casting moral judgment. Being faced with two bad choices and choosing to do nothing until an evil person makes a choice solving your problems at no cost to you is like… the single best thing that can happen to a person’s soul.

The nukes were mass murder, committed by the US. All this bullshit about the best option or the lesser evil is just that, because all I care about is clearly defining murder and seeing if the nukes fit the bill.

As has been made clear, they do.

> Killing soldiers isn’t murder.

Oh, I see. So a soldier isn’t a person? Or do you just excuse that as acceptable?

> Destroying the Japanese government through invasion is no more expansionist than forcing its unconditional surrender and turning it into a protectorate state.

No, it’s clearly more. One allows Japan to maintain self-governance. Expansionism does not.

> Being faced with two bad choices and choosing to do nothing until an evil person makes a choice solving your problems at no cost to you is like… the single best thing that can happen to a person’s soul.

No, it’s pretty much manipulation of a situation. You know it’s going to happen. You know that it’s inconsequential. It’s not different beyond you get to swoop in and act like the good guy at the end. It’s opportunistic. It’s morally scummy too, so don’t pretend like you’re a moral arbitrator of any value.

> The nukes were mass murder, committed by the US. All this bullshit about the best option or the lesser evil is just that, because all I care about is clearly defining murder and seeing if the nukes fit the bill.

Nah, all you care about is your agenda that you’ve pretty much admitted to. You’re too much of a coward to accept the reality of war and combat. Probably why you’re delusional enough to believe that complete anarchy won’t devolve into feudal gang warfare (it totally will). 

And what’s worse is that Japan started this war, but America is guilty for ending it. And Japan purposefully put it’s military operations behind civilian shields. It’s all good saying that it was wrong of America, but at the end of the day, Japan was the one hiding behind the “innocent” people (the majority of the public supported the war effort that their country started).

But you already know all this. Because it’s not about “defining murder”. You’re fine with mass slaughter (as long as it’s the “right people”). You’re an opportunist using this event as a bludgeon to push an “America is evil” narrative. Which is funny, because you have more in common with authoritarians than even you realise. You’re just an edgy shit-stain, probably took up anarchy after watching V for Vendetta.

I love that when complaining about America committing ‘atrocities’ there’s just them conveniently forgetting that Japan was one of Germany’s allies during the holocaust.

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My thoughts on the reveal of EvilHand 👊🏾

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Old Pyrexia stuff, I keep subtly changing her design every time I draw her.

Edit: Forgot one.

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