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August 05 2017

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Let’s face it, Chicago was fucked from the get go.

August 04 2017

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Trailblazer Firearms LifeCard .22 LR

A compact folding single shot pistol designed to be as discrete as possible for concealed carry. It’s an interesting little gun but it already has its share of critics. Considering it is a single-shot only .22 LR, it’s already outgunned by a 2-shot derringer, even more so by your traditional carry options like a snub-nosed revolver or sub-compact semi-auto. You can check out the specs and manual in the link; MSRP is about $399. (GRH)


I would like it for like 200$

Switchblade, meet Switchgun

"You all want to be oppressed so badly."




You know, not everyone operates on the assumption that oppression is some exclusive club that everyone is trying to get into.

Gatekeeping oppression is a weird phenomenon.

The people who say this unironically are doing so because they want to down play someone else’s problems as not oppression or not important so that they can keep hegemony over the victim hierarchy. 

Legal Immigration Under Attack



The RAISE Act would slash the number of immigrants by about 50 percent over the next decade by eliminating several categories of legal immigration…

Earlier this week, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AK) and David Perdue (R-GA) joined President Trump at the White House to promote their new immigration bill.

The senators claim that the RAISE Act would restore legal immigration levels to their historical norms. This statement is so misleading that it borders on outright deception.

The RAISE Act would reduce the per capita rate of immigration to the lowest amount since just after the Great Depression. Immigration would fall to a rate three times less than the historical average and 11 times less than the historical high.

The purpose of the RAISE Act is to restrict low-skilled immigration in order to raise the wages of American workers. The Cotton-Perdue bill not only will not do that, it also would not create a skills-based immigration system and is not a credible bargaining chip in any future negotiations in Congress. 

Learn More…

… so what’s the problem here?  They’re specifically trying to increase the working class’ income through legal means.  Wage suppression only helps the 1%.

August 03 2017

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In 1898 Nikola Tesla once tricked an entire crowd into believing they could control a toy boat by shouting commands - he had in fact invented Radio Control and was piloting the boat himself.

Man invents something incredible and immediately uses it to screw with people.

Chaotic neutral

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This is why twitter is garbage for meaningful discussion and why tumblr users get away with taking one bit out of context to virtue masturbate with lol

The initial tweet is part of a series of tweets where the dude is REFLECTING on his own personal views and feelings of inadequacy despite knowing full well a man’s masculine worth should never be measured with violence. Lamenting that, despite knowing it’s wrong, the question still arrives in his mind. He FLAT OUT SAYS that he knows he’s wrong, that the feelings are wrong and that he doesn’t want any of it.

This Lana Del Dumbass took that, someone’s genuine thought and feeling and twisted it into.. whatever the fuck kind of virtue signaling bullshit this is. Using examples of shit where the vast majority is never ever going to be in the situation of, as if anyone reblogging this would leap up and do something about it were they in that situation. This easily digestible but ultimately empty and generic “Ugh, PATRIARCHY/MEN, mirite?”

Like, does anyone reblogging this even get what’s going on? Do they know the context, even know who he is? Or are they just going “well I dunno, but fuck the patriarchy, REBLOG”? Do any of them even understand the supposed connection?

Like good fucking god, that’s the problem here

Someone had a thought, shared it

and now this post, with over 10,000 notes, is celebrating taking PART of that thought and mocking it for existing, for not just being the same empty, approved “correct thought”

People always say we should be critical, we should always re-evaluate ourselves

but after seeing someone being critical and re-evaluating themselves the response is to rip it from context and call it wrong

August 01 2017

Reblog if you support an artist's right to create whatever art they want

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SAN FRANCISCO—In an effort to reduce the number of unprovoked hostile communications on the social media platform, Twitter announced Monday that it had added a red X-mark feature verifying users who are in fact perfectly okay to harass. “This new verification system offers users a simple, efficient way to determine which accounts belong to total pieces of shit whom you should have no qualms about tormenting to your heart’s desire,” said spokesperson Elizabeth James, adding that the small red symbol signifies that Twitter has officially confirmed the identity of a loathsome person who deserves the worst abuse imaginable and who will deliberately have their Mute, Block, and Report options disabled. “When a user sees this symbol, they know they’re dealing with a real asshole who has richly earned whatever mistreatment they receive, including profanity, body-shaming, leaking of personal information, and relentless goading to commit suicide. It’s really just a helpful way of saying to our users, ‘This fuck has it coming, so do your worst with a clear conscience and without fear of having your account suspended.’” At press time, Twitter reassuredly clarified that the red X was just a suggestion and that all users could still be bullied with as little recourse as they are now.

Y’know, I wouldn’t even be surprised at this point.  Onion or no, this could be a real thing.



what a beautiful day to remember that bisexual women in relationships with men + bisexual men in relationships with women have every right to attend pride events with their significant other and the concept of ‘straight passing privilege’ should be left in the trash where it belongs

“straight passing privilege” is a lot of word wastage when you can just say “closet privilege”

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Progressive media aggregate posts a video of a new tv show that features muslim women in a  “new light” with a lesbian feminist muslimah and gets promptly lit up by furious Muslim twitter accounts

Besides that, it’s also full of republican shitposters and stunned liberals who don’t get why muslims are furious at hollywood efforts to depict them for a primarily white liberal  YAAAAS QUEEN #RESIST audience.


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Yang Wenli, Brilliant Ethicist of the Alliance Fleet

Hey, he’s better at this than tumblr.

July 31 2017

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imagine being worth two and a half million dollars and thinking ‘eat the rich’-type posts are relatable

To be fair, most people’s grandparents who have saved/invested even halfway competently are worth 2-3M

What fucking grandparents do you have my man

Hey man. If I’m gonna eat the rich, I’m starting a hell of a lot higher than the single digit millionaires.

A million is nowhere near as much as a billion lmao hes wealthy but he’s not disgustingly rich

listen. I don’t think y'all can comprehend how much MORE a billion is than a million. A billion is a THOUSAND times more than a million. That makes billionaires THOUSANDS of times richer than millionaires. I agree with buckyayo50. If I’m gonna eat the rich as sure as hell am not going after some 2.5 million dollar man first thing. There’s MUCH bigger fish to fry.

dude 2.5 million dollars is more than enough for me to live on for the rest of my life

are you just gonna give him a pass cause he says the right things or fucking what?

2.5 mil is pretty disgustingly rich for a dude whose claim to fame is being an irritating cunt on a 90s sci-fi show and utterly irritating gobshite the rest of his life.

2.5 million puts Wil Wheaton within the top 5% of Americans.

The guy is well within the top 5% of wealth in the nation.  He has no fucking right to talk about ‘eating the rich’.

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walking into someone’s house and seeing this is exactly like seeing a giant swastika on their wall

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i was on twitter and

it’s arrived

the ultimate shitposting platform

Is… is this real?


have fun

so i got a message today from @nattercom and 


oh my god




this post was getting notes out of nowhere again so i checked a little and


have you ever shitposted so hard that you not only saved a social media website but it completely rebranded itself bc of your shitpost



This is so pure?











no offense but purposefully negative people are boring and draining as hell and not nearly as interesting as they think they are

lol I know someone like this.

Well, You aren’t talking about my baby-bun! I know that! *huffs and scoops up bun*

I’m notttt mommmmm!
*flails paws and squeals*

*kisses paws* So cute! Such a cute bun-bean!

*pats face* I am a scary bun. Fear me

*le gasp* Terrifying. 

Yeeee *pose*

I have 10 zeroes in my bank account

No, they’re a rabbit, weren’t you listening

July 30 2017

A Form of Rape That Isn't Rape, by David Futrelle.






You know, earlier today I heard that John the Other didn’t care about female rape victims, something which I found terrible. (It seemed like he was trying to say that feminists had pissed him off so much that he finds it hard to sympathize with feminist issues.) And now there’s this…

Finding it hard to sympathise with female rape victims because their existence is used as a figurative blunt object to beat you into psychological submission with by a bunch of politically empowered nutjobs over a period of decades isn’t the same thing as not caring about male rape victims on any given Tuesday just because you’re awake.





Getting at least one death threat (you dont even need to show proof) after doing something fucked up is literally like a Get Out Of Jail card in this site

Just drew transphobic, white washed, fatphobic, fucked up fanart and now many people are rightfully giving you shit for it? Just say you recieved a death threat and watch as fans defend your ass because probably, maybe, not even 50% sure, one person told you to kill yourself. Heck, maybe you can get the original creators to vague tweet about you and bring even more people onto your side!!!!! The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!! Fuck this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go outside

And folks like jeweljessica up there are why every day I struggle with just disavowing my entire community.

@jeweljessica is mistaken.

This is no ‘get out of jail free’ card.  For it to be a get out of jail free card, you need to do something wrong.  The artist did nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong.  People think the genderswap was great AND they think you’re all a bunch of dipshits for acting like you have been over it.

Its astounding that even the devs come out and condemn it but you somehow turn it into something bad instead of actually fucking introspecting and realizing you’re being an asshole.

You are literally this:

July 29 2017



mountain dew doesn’t feel like a soda you can order at a restaurant. you can’t sit down at a restaurant, ask for a mountain dew, and then sip it out of a glass cup. it’s like you either have to get it at taco bell or you have to get a 2 liter of it and drink it right from the bottle. there are no other options for mountain dew. 

my bf orders mtn dew at restaurants and the whole time wr eating the atmosphere around him shimmers cause hes fuckin with the liminal veil

I did it as a kid. I did not even give a fuck back then.

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Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

“Cole once hosted a party in which the attendees discovered that they all had the word “bottom” in their surname.“

This man is my hero.

He’s like a Monty Python character.

He paved the way for future trolls and I fear that most of us have not lived up to the standards he set.

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