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July 25 2017

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Kim Possible and Tumblr

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world class shade

Nah, it’s just bad clipping. She shakes his hand right after. It’s just policy for them to have women shake women’s hands first.

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when the heart of the card responds to your trust just right

#does this make kaiba kuzco #is kaiba gonna build kaibaland on top of Yugi’s gameshop

#can we turn kaiba into a llama


#does kaiba dress in drag??

i hate you all

THIS JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER. All I need is Grandpa as the guy who breaks Kaiba’s groove.

“You threw off my groove!”

“I’m sorry, but you’ve thrown off the CEO’s groove.”

What’s next… Bakura becoming a cat?

#omg would Marik’s shoulder devil be Yami Marik?

“Don’t listen to that guy. He’s trying to lead you down the path of righteousness.”

“I’m gonna lead you down the path that rocks!”

What would that make Joey???

#Rebecca should be the wife 

#Ok Ok but Kuriboh would totally be the little squirrel >w> 





Ok just go ahead and redraw the movie scene by scene

So, would the jaguars be Beast-type monsters or Dragon-types?

The Big 5 turning into animals

“Get them!”

“Hey, I’ve been turned into a penguin. Can I go home?”

“You’re excused.”

Instead of a giant trampoline, it’s magical cylinder.

“For the last time, we did not order a Magic Cylinder!”

“You know pal, you could have told me that before I set it up.”

#would baby kaiba have blue eyes white dragon plushies?

i hate all 126,000 of you

it just keeps getting better and better. 

Top quality content on my dash


Would the two guys playing a board game be playing Dungeon Dice Monsters?

“Hey Yugi, you just missed your relatives.”

“Yeah, we just sent them up to your house.”

#Kaiba lines up all the yugioh spinoff protags in a line looking for a rival

“Hate your hair. Your hair. And your hair. Annnnd…”

Lemme guess, you have a great personality.”

# And instead of a sewer crocodile it’s some sewer dragon thing..lol…


good god I wish I can suggest ideas to this but I know jack shit bout this show

Last time I saw this Yami Marik had just been added. Seeing the future additions I have to reblog it this time.



Suicide Squad, JayView


Alright, so

It wasn’t terrible?

But it also wasn’t terribly good.

Like, 5/10, honestly. Fun but not really worth a second watch.

The pacing of the movie was easily the biggest flaw (Other than Boomerang, I’ll get to him!). Shit just happened and you were expected to have followed along with plot points and exposition that never happened so it just left you going “Wait, what?” a lot of times.

The dossier at the beginning shows Deadshot, Harley, Killer Croc, Diablo and Boomerang, and introduces you to all of them.

Then, when they’re gearing up for their mission (which honestly I’m not 100% sure what their mission was???), they’re like “Here’s Slipknot, the man who can climb anything” and it’s like “Wait, who? Who the fuck is Slipknot?”

And then as their chopper is leaving, Katana suddenly jumps in, and it’s like “Oh by the way this is Katana” and it shows her backstory in a flashback

And it’s like “Wait why wouldn’t you have told us about these characters before? And why didn’t Slipknot have any backstory flashback?”

And then in the next scene Slipknot tries to run and they blow his head up, and I’m like “WAIT WILL YOU SLOW DOWN AND ACTUALLY EXPLAIN SHIT, PLEASE?”

I feel like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman’s extended cuts did really amazing jobs of answering all the questions most reviewers had, adding necessary dialogue to give a little more explanation to scenes that didn’t have any before that, and that was really cool

I feel like “12 extra minutes of footage” in the Suicide Squad extended cut would NOT be enough to explain all the unexplained shit in the movie

The way they introduced Enchantress’s army was like, completely ass backwards. They walk into an alley, they say “Hostiles ahead” and there’s just these weird black goo monster people, and they have a fight with them, and it’s just like “Wait, what? What are these? Why are there just monsters here? Was this ever explained?”

And then later they show a 12 second scene of Enchantress turning a guy into a monster, and I’m like “You know this scene should have been 16 minutes earlier in the movie why the hell did it take this long to show what the monsters were”

My absolute 100% biggest complaint, however? Boomerang.

Boomerang contributed absolutely nothing to the movie.

He threw his boomerang 4 times, missed 3, and had a couple of knives otherwise, and at the end it was revealed he had a triple life sentence??? Why? What did he do? The only backstory we got was that he robbed a diamond bank and got caught by the Flash, and for some reason he was considered just as dangerous as a guy who never misses with guns, the Joker’s insane girlfriend, a witch with world-ending powers, a crocodile man and a guy with flame powers?

Why was this guy considered dangerous at all?

The only time he actually hit anyone with his boomerang was in a flashback introducing his character, other than that he missed every time!

Why was he considered a threat at all? Why was he even considered a criminal? Let alone one with a triple-life sentence who couldn’t even negotiate anything?

He had no superhuman powers, he contributed nothing, he was worthless, why was he in the movie at all? WHY? Without him, more effort could have been put into writing the story and more screentime would be given to the other characters!

Which, other than Croc, all the other characters were pretty well written.

Don’t get me wrong Croc was great, but he had no character. His entire character was “He’s a silly crocodile man who says funny stuff.”

Even Letoker, he wasn’t even that bad. He was cringey, but he wasn’t the worst character. Boomerang was the worst character.

So yeah, 5/10 from Jay.

This sounds like a bad rip off of Assault on Arkham.

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Also as a bonus, hilarious totally not dated dialogue jokes!

The Asian Duke Nukem

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buncha dragoon sketches.

July 24 2017

July 23 2017




them: we’re over populated, that’s why people don’t have enough food to eat

reality: capitalism over-produces food, we have enough food to feed the world we just throw away what isn’t profitable.

and corporations COULD give excess food to the poor and the homeless but most of them go out of their way to trash it

corporation throwing away millions of pounds of food: And if you buy one of our microwave meals we’ll donate 1 cent to help end child hunger. (:

We’ve offered foreign aid too many countries, but places like communist Venezuela, who can’t keep food on the shelves, deny our aid. It’s not always about capitalism being evil, sometimes, it’s about other people being idiots.

July 22 2017

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I say this every time I argue for raising the minimum wage. I never hear anyone else say it and I’m glad I found this.

If you build your business and your bonus on the backs of others who you don’t pay a living wage you don’t deserve to be in business.

this is making capitalists bleed from the ears keep reblogging it

Since I tend to get into this with people who argue that robots will replace minimum wage workers if they get too expensive, I like to lean into the robot metaphor.

If you have a machine performing a valuable talk for your company, the upkeep of that machine is part of your operating cost. You have to pay to power it, to upgrade it, to fix it when it breaks. And if you can’t afford the machine, the manufacturer doesn’t have to do business with you. They’re free to take their service somewhere else where they think the price is fair.

For humans, a living wage is the operating cost. If you can’t afford to pay your worker enough to live nearby, feed themselves, and get basic health care - all of which are things they need in order to be able to work for you - you’re failing to pay for the cost of their service. 

The difference is that humans have to eat, like, all the time, so they often don’t have the option of taking their business somewhere else if the price isn’t fair - even insufficient food and shelter is better then starving on the street. But that means those people are not really able to act as agents in a free market, and it’s easy to exploit them under the guise of “the market setting the price.” People can’t act like reasonable economic agents when they’re desperate. As for as I can tell, that’s the whole point of having a minimum wage. 

Keep reblogging this, it’s making capitalists mad and reaching out to the working class

While you’ve got a good point about upkeep and wages being essentially the same thing, it doesn’t address the underlying reason that people choose upkeep over wages: upkeep doesn’t have a legal minimum cost. It can be much cheaper than paying a human employee if you’re a cheap ass about it. Not only that, one machine can replace multiple workers at times, only needing one person to service and maintenance them.

It’s not that they can’t pay it, it’s that they have cheaper options, and cheaper options mean cheaper prices while keeping their profit margins. So, find a way to fix that, and the employment crisis is solved.

July 21 2017


Penders entire campaign of spite and greed is basically the ultimate exercise in virtue-signaling and deflecting to cover for himself.

The whole time he’s claimed it was about Archie’s shitty business practices when in reality it was about jealousy and grabbing everything he could claim for himself to help tear the old continuity of the comic apart.  

He didn’t care he was hurting the creative freedom of Ian Flynn and the other new writers when he ripped so much out and brought down so many mandates as the result of his actions.

He didn’t care about the fans he hurt by causing so much of the comic to be burned away in the reboot and so many characters to be shelved for good.

He doesn’t care about the fans that are grieving now because the comic is dead and the tension he caused between all parties helped kill it. He’s basically pissing on it’s grave over on Twitter

It’s just like he didn’t care about helping Ben Hurst finish SatAM and only worked with him to get his foot in the door long enough to stab him the back and pitch his own movie instead.

He still doesn’t care he likely helped bury the Freedom Fighters, Lupe, The Egg Bosses, Snively, and basically everyone from the comic not created by Sega. 

The longest running video game comic ever written down the drain and he doesn’t care because all sees is dollar signs because he thinks he might be able to get publishing/sales rights to his old issues. 

Just like he didn’t care about how frivolous his attempts at suing EA/Bioware and Sega over Sonic Chronicles were. 

Penders is one of the worst people in the industry at this point and I don’t feel sorry for him and his shatter career because he brought on himself with his own horrible actions.

July 20 2017




one of my favorite corgi facts - besides how they’re the breed where the term ‘sploot’ comes from bc of how they lay down - is that they’re one of the ONLY small dog breeds that are perfect for herding cattle bc they’re so fucking short that cattle hooves cant kick them while the corgis nip their heels to get them moving

like thats the reason why they’re good at herding cattle. bc they’re little sasuages that can evade hooves and go back to charging and leading the cows. they’re amazing look at them go


while this is one of my fave corgi facts, lets also appreciate some other corgi facts that i enjoy:

  • they’re only 1 foot tall and are the smallest dog in the herding group 
  • they’re in the spitz family which means that one of the corgis closest relatives is the siberian husky. like. huskies and corgis are cousins as far as dog breeds go. let that sink in. a sled dog is the taller cousin of this 1 foot tall cow herder
  • its a common belief that vikings had corgis and traveled w/ them. like. actual vikings had these tiny, little sausages aboard their ships just bc they liked them so much, and if that isnt the cutest thing
  •  it was a law in ancient wales that u couldnt steal someones corgi and if u did u’d get fined
  • welsh legends say that corgis were used 2 pull fairy carts and were like, service dogs for fairies and if that isnt the mOST AMAZING ThINg
  • MOST corgis are born w/ out tails bc after years and years of tail docking, they’ve evolved to become tailless, BUT

here is a corgi as we know them, without a tail:

aaand heres a corgi w/ its tail:

Aren’t corgis also the dog that anytime they’re crossbred they just result in tiny sausage versions of that other breed?

July 18 2017


Looking up fan works for X-COM to get an idea of what’s joked about in the community was an interesting experience. I try to do research on the series itself and the community to find something interesting to make a joke about and to see if it’s already been done to death. 

So what was it like? Snake porn. Snake porn. Snake porn. Joke about RNG when it comes to whether or not you hit something. Snake porn. Snake porn. 

Ultimately I was able to think of a good joke and I have another one that’s not about RNG or anything I’ve seen talked about in the community, but good grief, you really have to look through a lot of snake porn. : /

To be fair, those are some some spicy mambacitas.

July 17 2017

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I love this drunk snarky piece of sh*t.

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“Above all, Tex Avery steered the Warner Bros. house style away from Disney-esque sentimentality and made cartoons that appealed equally to adults, who appreciated Avery’s speed, sarcasm, and irony, and to kids, who liked the nonstop action. Disney’s “cute and cuddly” creatures, under Avery’s guidance, were transformed into unflappable wits like Bugs Bunny, endearing buffoons like Porky Pig, or dazzling crazies like Daffy Duck. Even the classic fairy tale, a market that Disney had cornered, was appropriated by Avery, who made innocent heroines like Red Riding Hood into sexy jazz babes, more than a match for any Wolf. Avery also endeared himself to intellectuals by constantly breaking through the artifice of the cartoon, having characters leap out of the end credits, loudly object to the plot of the cartoon they were starring in, or speak directly to the audience.”

-Gary Morris (Bright Lights Film Journal)

“He wasn’t Bugs without the gags we gave him.”

-Tex Avery

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Texts From Superheroes: The Best of Spider-Man

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Thermochromic table by Jay Watson

imagine banging someone on that table

imagine being home alone and seeing imprints on that table

noooooo stop

Imagine having a friend sit at that table for a long while, but when they get up there’s no imprints at all.

What if you got up after trying to console a crying friend, and found that you had no imprints… and they were crying because they missed you?

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23 million Hanzo players, 1000 kills, sounds about right.

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